Education is a tough place to be heard.

Put the power of strategic clarity behind your cause.

Communicating for children and education is what we do.

Cut Through. Be Heard.


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We understand the connection between communication and your bottom line, whether it’s gaining public support, inspiring family involvement or enjoying a standing ovation.

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Affordable communication strategies that allow you to cut through and make a difference whether you’re working with or within the education industry – or beyond.

Know What To Say

The famed MediaTalk course — 25 years in the making — is now available online. Learn the secrets of pro-active media preparedness at your own pace, at any time, on any device.


David Voss

“We are a communications company with its heart in education.”

—David R. Voss, President

As an educator, you want higher student achievement

As a leader, you want a parade behind your cause

As an executive, you want greater personal performance

Everyone wants to be heard. Educators need to be heard.

At Voss & Associates, we understand the connection between communication and your bottom line, whether it’s gaining public support, inspiring family involvement or enjoying a standing ovation.

Communicating the business of education

As the premier marketing and public relations consultants in the fields of education and causes that benefit children, we offer affordable communication strategies, including full video and audio production, that allow you to cut through the noise – and be heard, whether you’re working with, or within the education industry. We have decades of experience, a proven track record, and the kind of contact that can help you get things accomplished when you need them done, including complete crisis communication plans.

Voss & Associates will translate your personal passion to a finely tuned message. We’ll create a plan and make sure everyone on your team knows it inside and out. We then produce the artwork, the photography, the writing, the multi-media presentation, webpage or the video to give it life. We custom-tailor your communications needs and provide results back to you, so you can focus on the management of your organization. With Voss & Associates as your partner, you can rest assured the right messages are reaching the right audiences, every time.

Voss & Associates now offering video!

A carefully crafted short video can bring your story to life. Harnessing the power of digital technology and inspired storytelling, we can spread the word about all the amazing work you’re doing in your classroom, at your district, or in your company.


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Schedule a communication audit today!

Communications is a critical part of management for any large organization. Your school district must communicate effectively, both internally and externally. With an independent audit we can assess how you are communicating and then make recommendations for improvement. Results will help you improve communication to families, learn how to use social media, and how to communicate during crisis situations so citizens have immediate access to information. The bottom line is that you need parent and community support to improve your schools, and you need your own people to understand and effectively implement change. Neither of these can happen without effective communication so we see this as a valuable tool directly tied to increasing student achievement.

What keeps your leaders up at night?


FLIP Budget Woes Into Budget Prose

If you’re still struggling with explaining the education budget to the public, Voss & Associates has developed a new seminar to make the process simpler, clearer and more effective. “FLIP It Around” is designed to help turn your negative budget into powerful community support. It’s been added to the suite of seminars that includes media training, public speaking and crisis. Visit our Training page here for other topics.

Performance Matters launches new product line!

Performance Matters introduces services that make quality assessments affordable. Unify allows educators to collaborate using the power of the internet to produce carefully tailored assessments for any age group at any grade level.

Increase family involvement and student achievement


Every school district could use a little help with family involvement, whether you need to increase participation or let parents know the best way to help their child. The challenge is getting the word out on a low budget. Be There is a multimedia campaign that inspires famiies to become more involved in their children’s education during the ordinary moments of life. It’s a proven product that gives your district a high-quality, professional media campaign at a fraction of the cost to produce it — and it’s made to look local. Click on the Be There logo to learn more and click on the video below to watch one of our commercials. Contact David R. Voss, Creator of Be There and President of Voss & Associates, to set up a webinar and learn more.